ComputerCouncil: International Opensource Computer Council


The global community faces many challenges, like pandemics and climate change. As a special committee under BenchCouncil, the mission of the International Opensource Computer Council (ComputerCouncil) is to build open-source computer systems (OpenCS) to facilitate tackling global challenges.

Since its founding, ComputerCouncil has borne two fundamental responsibilities: promote the OpenCS initiative and keep the community open, inclusive, and growing.

What's New:

10/13/2022: TBench Special Issue of "Open-source Computer Systems": Call for Papers (Submission Site). This special issue focuses on studies in exploring the software and hardware co-design space in high-end computer systems, studies in advancing open-source movement including novel abstraction and methodology, open-source hardware, open-source software, measurement and optimization tools.

10/13/2022: Open-source Computer System (OpenCS) Workshop Call for Participation (Nov 10-11, 2022, 8:00 am UTC-5, Preliminary Program, Free registration).

10/13/2022: Bench 2022 Call for Participation (Nov 6-11, 2022, 8:00 am UTC-5, Preliminary Program, Free registration). Highlights: BenchCouncil Achievement Award Lecture; BenchCouncil Rising Star Award Lectures; Paper presentations of Bench 2022 papers and TBench papers; Two workshops on OpenBench and Open-source Computer System (OpenCS).

06/09/2022: The SAIBench project is online! Position paper and slides[PDF] are available. The goal of SAIBench is to benchmark AI for science.

09/05/2021: The ScenarioBench project is online! The goal of ScenarioBench is to model and characterize real-world emerging or future applications using the benchmarks and provide the design inputs to the systems.